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Private health insurance for diplomats in Germany

Anyone who lives in Germany for longer than 12 months is usually subject to compulsory insurance and must take out health insurance. Diplomats are exempt from compulsory health insurance.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to insure yourself against high treatment costs in case of illness. Even minor outpatient or inpatient procedures can cost more than 1,000 euros. Even more expensive are hospital stays and, above all, possible return transport to the home country.

Private health insurance (PKV) protects diplomats from these costs. For diplomats, it is particularly important where the health insurance cover applies. When taking out a policy, make sure that at least benefits in the so-called Schengen countries as well as in your home country are insured.

Four advantages of private health insurance for diplomats

  • Insurance coverage for the duration of the stay in Germany
  • Coverage for the whole family for a low premium
  • Emergency repatriation for German diplomats abroad
  • Lower premium costs for comprehensive benefits

Non-EU diplomats: Requirements for private health insurance

If diplomats from non-EU countries want to take out private health insurance, there is one thing they must keep in mind: A private health insurance for non-EU foreigners must at least correspond to the benefits of the statutory health insurance.

Incoming insurance for diplomats in Germany

As a diplomat in Germany, you are free to choose your insurance. Particularly recommended are providers who specialize in the coverage of expatriates in Germany. These insurers offer special incoming insurances. The difference to conventional statutory and private health insurance: Incoming insurance does not have to build up so-called age reserves.

Age reserves are normally used by insurers as a precaution in the event that insured persons require more health services in old age. This risk does not apply to diplomats who are only staying in Germany for a limited period of time. The absence of aging provisions means that insurance premiums remain comparatively low.

Term & coverage of the family

The term of the incoming insurance is usually between 93 days and 5 years. Unlike in the statutory health insurance (GKV), family members are not automatically covered. However, due to the low monthly premiums, the private coverage for the family is often even cheaper than the contribution for the GKV.

What benefits does private health insurance for diplomats offer?

The private health insurance for diplomats functions primarily as a foreign health insurance. This means that it covers the costs of medically necessary doctor’s visits, examinations, and treatments. This includes initial treatment by an emergency doctor after an accident. Whether and which dental treatments are covered depends on the tariff taken out. If you have to go to hospital, the insurance will reimburse the costs of accommodation, treatment, and operations. Medication and remedies are also covered.

What other benefits are recommended?

In case of serious illness, return transport to the home country may be necessary. The PKV for diplomats should also cover this case. Ideally, the tariff also includes the recovery of persons and repatriation in the event of death.

Some insurers also offer pro rata coverage of telephone costs incurred in connection with hospitalization or repatriation.

What does private health insurance for diplomats cost?

Special incoming insurance policies are available to diplomats for as little as about 50 euros a month. The exact amount of the premiums depends on the current state of health and the age of the policyholder, as well as on the agreed benefits.

If you would like to know how much private health insurance will cost you as a diplomat, please feel free to contact us.

Our experts for private health insurance have many years of experience with the coverage of various groups of people and will support you in finding and concluding the right offer.

What do I need to consider when taking out private health insurance for diplomats?

If you would like to take out private health insurance for diplomats, there are a few things to consider:

  • For example, it must be valid in all EU countries as well as the Schengen states. Ideally, the insurance coverage is also valid in non-EU countries and in your home country.
  • The policy should also cover the entire duration of your stay in Germany.
  • For sufficient coverage, the minimum insured benefits should be 30,000 euros. Incoming insurance policies usually meet these requirements.
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