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Navigating the complex terrain of health insurance requires expertise, particularly when you’re addressing global lifestyle needs.

As your dedicated international health insurance broker, we offer expert advice and support in finding a tailored health cover that paves the way for peace of mind wherever life takes you.

Our services encompass a comprehensive comparison of health plans from world-renowned insurers, ensuring your coverage aligns seamlessly with your unique international healthcare requirements.

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  • Agents and brokers offer a variety of coverage options by representing several health insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies pay commissions to agents and brokers for selling health insurance plans.
  • It’s mandatory for agents and brokers to obtain state licenses and company agreements to sell Marketplace health plans.
  • In many regions, brokers are legally obliged to prioritize the best interest of consumers.
  • Receive premium tax credits and savings by enrolling via the Health Insurance Marketplace with an agent or broker.
  • Strategic collaboration with agents and brokers can lead to more competitive premiums and benefit options for small businesses.
  • A significant correlation exists between agent/broker competition and the affordability and variability of premiums for small firms.

Finding Comprehensive Cover for Expatriates Worldwide

Embarking on life as an expatriate can be thrilling, yet the importance of securing your health in unfamiliar territories cannot be overstated. Navigating the intricate world of international health policies is paramount, which is where our broker expertise becomes invaluable. Understanding the myriad of global medical options available can be daunting, but it’s essential to safeguard against unpredictable medical expenses while abroad — expenses that can easily spiral into thousands without adequate expatriate health cover.

Navigating Global Health Policies

Our bespoke service is designed to steer you through the complexities of available international health policies. We meticulously examine and rank insurers based on expansive network size, the range of benefits offered — like emergency medical evacuation and dental coverage — telemedicine features for modern healthcare delivery, the simplicity of claims processing, and robust financial stability shown by A.M. Best ratings. Your peace of mind is paramount; hence, our tailored recommendations aim to provide you with global medical options that deliver comprehensive coverage suitable for your unique circumstances as an expatriate.

Customised Solutions for Individuals and Families Abroad

As no two expatriate journeys are the same, neither should be the health insurance plans. Our specialty lies in crafting customised health plans to align with every individual and family’s health requirements, ensuring your international family medical cover is optimal. Whether it’s through the provisioning of specific benefits without unnecessary costs, or tailoring premiums through deductibles and co-pays, our service aims to furnish you with a perfect blend of protection and value.

Client Testimonials – The Importance of Professional Guidance

The proof of our unrivalled service is echoed in the positive client feedback we consistently receive from expatriates who have utilised our services. These testimonials highlight the significance of professional international health insurance advice in navigating the sea of options to find that perfect fit. Clients frequently express their appreciation for the custom-tailored assistance, meticulous attention to details, and the willingness of our team to go above and beyond in securing the most apt expatriate health cover for their global lives.

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Essential Health Protection for International Students

As you embark on your educational journey abroad, understanding the complexity of health insurance for scholars abroad is crucial to safeguard your health and wallet. The U.S. healthcare system can be daunting, with international students often facing significant financial responsibilities such as co-pays and deductibles prior to insurance taking effect. At institutions like the University of Cincinnati, health services cover primary care to mental health and dental hygiene at UC Blue Ash, but all international students are mandated to have the UC Student Health Insurance, unless qualifying for a waiver.

For J-1 Exchange Visitors, insurance must meet the stringent Department of State standards, which includes at least $100,000 in medical benefits per incident. Even if you’re eligible for UC Staff benefits, you might need supplementary coverage to fulfil all requirements. It’s not just about meeting university requirements—a minimum essential coverage is necessary under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to prevent extra charges from the IRS. F-1 and J-1 students, often categorised as non-resident aliens for tax purposes, must take note of this.

In your pursuit of study overseas medical cover, keep in mind the fees for the academic year, including specific charges for new students. United Healthcare, the insurance carrier for the University of Cincinnati, outlines clear co-insurance requirements: at least 80% for in-network and 60% for out-of-network services. Here’s a breakdown of pivotal information regarding international student health plans at the University:

Annual Insurance Fee (2023-2024)$3,995
Insurance for New Students (Spring)$2,423
Waiver Deadline (Fall 2023)October 1, 2023
Waiver Deadline (Spring 2024)March 1, 2024
Coverage PeriodAugust 10, 2023 – August 9, 2024
Open Enrollment Deadline (Commuter Students)Fall: Prior to August 10 – October 1, 2023
Spring: January 1 – March 1, 2024

Remember, active insurance that covers the entire term is necessary, with the waiver process needing renewal each academic year. As you navigate the intricacies of selecting the right international student health plans, consider these deadlines and requirements your roadmap to maintaining uninterrupted, legally compliant health cover during your studies in the U.S.

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  • Client-focused support: Our dedicated team is on hand to provide our clients with personal advice and support in selecting, managing and optimizing their insurance cover.
  • Many years of industry experience and expertise: Our many years of experience and expertise enable us to offer our clients sound advice and customized solutions based on a deep understanding of the insurance industry.
  • Innovative technology and digital services: We use innovative technology and digital platforms to provide our customers with convenient and transparent access to insurance information and services.

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Your Guide to Securing Adequate Travel Health Insurance

When it comes to globetrotting, having robust travel health insurance policies is essential for peace of mind. Whether you’re planning a single getaway or frequent globetrotting adventures, understanding the intricacies of annual trip cover and single-trip medical insurance can be the difference between a trip saved and a financial burden. We’ll explore the recent statistics and considerations to ensure that your choice in travel insurance provides comprehensive protection against travel health emergencies.

Evaluating Policies for Single and Annual Trips

Travellers in 2022 invested an average of $266 on travel insurance, recognizing the value it adds to their journey’s security. Annual trip cover offers convenience and often a cost-saving advantage for those who travel multiple times a year. However, for others, a tailored single-trip medical insurance may be more appropriate. According to Squaremouth’s data, travel delay insurance claims were the most frequently paid in 2022, emphasising the need to consider a policy’s response to unexpected journey interruptions. Moreover, the ‘Interruption for Any Reason’ (IFAR) insurance, which typically adds a slight premium, may offer flexible coverage worth considering.

Understanding the Necessity of Medical Evacuation Coverage

Perhaps critical to any travel insurance is the inclusion of medical evacuation insurance and emergency expatriation cover. Last year alone, medical evacuation claim payouts averaged a staggering $80,000, illustrating the potentially exorbitant costs of medical emergencies abroad. A robust travel insurance policy shields you from these expenses, ensuring access to suitable medical facilities, even in remote locales. For further insights into selecting the right insurance for your needs, consider exploring resources like Forbes Advisor for in-depth analyses and recommendations.

Insurance Claim TypeAverage Claim Cost in 2022% of Total Claims
Overall Travel Insurance$2,157
Trip Cancellation$6,44821%
Medical Emergency20%
Medical Evacuation$80,000

Remember that travel health insurance isn’t just for unexpected events; it can also assist with baggage delays, enforcing a specified waiting period like 12 hours before benefits apply. With a well-chosen policy, you ensure that from the moment you set off on your journey, you are protected, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead, worry-free.

Wealth Management with Healthcare Investment Planning

As you navigate through the complexities of financial and healthcare planning, understanding the intersection between the two can be a cardinal aspect of securing your future. Investment portfolio protection, especially when combined with health security, forms a robust approach towards managing wealth and ensuring long-term well-being.

The Role of Luxembourg Insurance Wrappers

Central to innovative wealth management services is the Luxembourg Insurance Wrapper, a financial instrument that exemplifies the fusion of asset management and insurance cover. This versatile tool offers an investment portfolio within a life insurance policy, encompassing a variety of assets such as funds, securities, and bonds. Its legal robustness affords you with a dual advantage: augmenting your investment whilst ensuring your health and welfare are safeguarded.

Employing integrated insurance solutions in your financial strategy can substantially mitigate risks and provide a delicate balance between growth and security. The Luxembourg Insurance Wrapper stands out as a sterling example of how life insurance can be seamlessly amalgamated with investment for an optimised financial future.

Combining Wealth Preservation with Health Security

The adage of “health is wealth” is never truer than when considering financial planning. By combining wealth preservation with health security, you create a buffer against unforeseen health-related expenses that could otherwise derail your financial objectives. The synchronisation of these elements is not just about risk mitigation, but it’s also about creating a holistic strategy that aligns with your lifestyle and needs.

Our focus on offering wealth management services extends to advising on the bespoke configuration of your assets and health coverage. It’s about crafting a bespoke safety net that encompasses international health insurance—potential protection on a global scale—married with your financial trajectory.

Healthcare Coverage in the U.S. (2018-2019)% of Population Covered
Uninsured Population8.5%
Employer-Sponsored Insurance55%
Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)Covers 9.6 million children
Impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)Reduced uninsured adults aged 19 to 64 from 20% to 12%
Public Healthcare Spending45%
Federal Healthcare Spending28%
Private Health Insurance Spending34%

This insightful data highlights not only the ever-evolving landscape of health insurance in the United States but also stresses the importance of integrated insurance solutions that can protect your personal finances against the backdrop of fluctuating healthcare environments. With a Luxembourg Insurance Wrapper, you could potentially insulate your wealth from these changes, ensuring that both your fiscal and medical futures are more secure.

Top Global Health Insurance Options Reviewed

When considering best international insurers, it’s essential to scrutinise their service range, coverage flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to ensure you select one of the top global medical plans available. In our international health insurance review, we’ve considered numerous key factors that influence the suitability of a plan for your needs as an expatriate.

Allianz Care stands out with a vast network, accommodating over 1.3 million medical providers globally. They also provide the option to customise your coverage with additional covers to your base plan, tailoring your policy to your precise requirements. If you’re considering cost, their plans start from a competitive rate and escalate based on the comprehensiveness of the cover.

Here is a summary of the monthly premiums of some of the most reputable international insurers for a 35-year-old U.S. resident living in Mexico:

InsurerBase Plan Monthly PremiumAnnual Coverage LimitDeductibleAdd-ons Available
Allianz/Aetna$179$2.5 millionNoneYes (Up to 4 coverages)
IMG$248.30$5 million$250Vision coverage
GeoBlue$476UnlimitedNonePrescription drug, Dental/Vision
Cigna Global$259.98$1 millionNoneOutpatient rider

GeoBlue distinguishes itself with a base plan providing unlimited annual coverage, a meritorious option if you are seeking extensive cover, while Cigna Global entices potential policyholders with the ability to add an outpatient rider, enhancing your base plan. These customisations allow you to adjust the policy close to your needs while controlling the out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s crucial to note that some plans implement a waiting period, such as a 364-day coverage prerequisite for benefits like maternity coverage. Moreover, pricing can oscillate based on the chosen coverage area or specific benefits defined within each policy.

  • Compare worldwide coverage options and regional exclusions.
  • Evaluate annual plan limits and maximum benefits.
  • Consider the importance of deductible options, coinsurance, and copays.

Your ultimate choice in international health insurance should balance premium costs against the scope of benefits. By meticulously vetting the top global medical plans, you can secure insurance that provides robust coverage regardless of where your international life takes you.


Securing the ideal international health insurance is paramount for a globally connected lifestyle. With expert broker assistance at your helm, you’re empowered to make informed decisions on health coverage that comprehensively secures you and your loved ones. These choices are more pertinent than ever in light of the dynamic growth of the Healthcare Insurance Broker market, expected to surge across leading regions, including North America and Europe, from 2023 to 2030.

The significant expansion of market size, particularly with impressive CAGRs projected within this period, indicates an increasing reliance on global insurance solutions. The contribution of technological innovation is enhancing product performance, while individual and corporate demand drives the market. Whether you lean towards online convenience or the tactile reassurance of offline interactions, know that both sectors are flourishing, offering divergent avenues to align with your health insurance needs.

In embracing the ascent of the Healthcare Insurance Broker industry, which is seeing a transformational rise to multimillion USD by 2030, we invite you to choose the right international health insurance with us. Our professional team is committed to guiding you through the complex offerings available, ensuring you secure customised and robust health insurance. Let’s navigate your journey towards optimal health security together.


What is an international health insurance broker?

An international health insurance broker is a professional who offers expert advice and provides a service to find tailored health cover designed to meet the global lifestyle needs of individuals, families, and corporations. They help you navigate through the range of international health policies to select the best possible coverage for your specific circumstances.

How does an international health insurance broker cater to expatriates?

An international health insurance broker specialises in finding comprehensive cover for expatriates worldwide. They navigate global health policies to present tailor-made solutions that suit the medical and lifestyle requirements of individuals and families living abroad. They consider various factors such as the scope of benefits, network size, and financial stability of the insurers to advise on the best international family medical cover.

Can you provide customised health plans for expatriates?

Yes, we offer customised solutions for individuals and families abroad to ensure that the health plan aligns with your specific needs. Customised health plans can address different levels of coverage, specific benefits, and ways to manage premiums to ensure you have the most appropriate cover for your lifestyle as an expatriate.

Why is professional international health insurance advice important?

Professional international health insurance advice is vital as it provides you with insights and guidance drawn from expert knowledge of the industry. By utilising broker expertise, clients can avoid common pitfalls and secure a health insurance plan that provides optimal coverage, which is evident from positive client feedback and testimonials.

What should international students consider when choosing health insurance?

International students should look for health insurance plans that cater to their unique needs while studying overseas. Plans should offer comprehensive coverage for health emergencies and routine care, allowing students to focus on their education without the stress of healthcare uncertainties. Advising on the correct type of study overseas medical cover forms a key part of our service.

What are the key features of travel health insurance policies?

Travel health insurance policies protect you from unforeseen health emergencies and cover planned medical needs during single or multiple trips. Key features to look for include comprehensive medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation, and 24/7 support, among others. An evaluation of these policies to find one that fits your travel needs is essential.

How crucial is medical evacuation insurance?

Medical evacuation insurance is extremely crucial, especially if you’re travelling to remote or high-risk areas. It ensures that in the event of a medical emergency, you can be transported quickly and safely to a facility equipped to provide the necessary medical care. Our brokerage highly recommends considering strong medical evacuation cover as part of your travel insurance plan.

What is a Luxembourg Insurance Wrapper, and how does it relate to healthcare planning?

Luxembourg Insurance Wrapper is a type of life insurance contract that can include an investment portfolio containing funds, securities, and bonds. This financial vehicle offers a legally sound framework to protect your investments while providing ancillary health-related benefits, making it an excellent tool for combining wealth preservation with health security within an integrated insurance solution.

Can you help me combine my wealth management and healthcare planning?

Absolutely, as part of our wealth management services, we can advise you on how to integrate your investment portfolio protection with international health insurance. By aligning wealth preservation strategies with health security, we can provide you with a comprehensive approach to safeguarding both your financial well-being and health needs.

What are some of the top global health insurance options available?

We review and recommend top global health insurance options from renowned insurers like Cigna Global, GeoBlue, International Medical Group, and William Russell. Our evaluations are based on each insurer’s international medical plan structures, customer service standards, network reach, and overall financial stability, helping you to choose the best international insurer for your personal situation.

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